Majoon E Kalongi


Description of Majoon E Kalongi:

The Majoon E Kalongi is an effective medicine that is used to treat various kinds of body pain like backaches as well as the weakness in the nerves. Majoon E Kalongi medicine is really a good option for the aged people who feel that their body has weakened a lot. Majoon E Kalongi gives them the strength and reduces the back and other associated pains.

Benefits of Majoon E Kalongi:

  • The Majoon e kalongi is an amazing medicine that is used for the treatment of back pain
  • Is also a great tonic for vitality and the weakness of nerves
  • Helps to keep the kidney in a really good and healthy condition.


Ingredients of Majoon E Kalongi:

The main ingredients are all natural plant extracts which are known to be effective for pain reduction, so it is completely harmless.

Direction of Using Majoon E Kalongi:

Consume this medicine twice daily to feel fit and active all throughout the day. Reduce any kind of back or joint pain that you might be feeling by regular consumption of the Majoon e kalongi.

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