Iba Face Glow Tube


Description of Iba Face Glow Tube:

Iba Face Glow Tube is the herbal cream which is the creation by mixing all sorts of magical constituents in the cream in the required proportion that is capable of healing your skin from within. Iba Face Glow Tube is the best formula which stimulates your skin to glow. The cream nourishes the skin as well as hydrates it to the best cleaning all the dirt from within.  Iba Face Glow Tube also provides the skin with all the nutrients that the skin lacks with.

Benefits of Iba Face Glow Tube:

  • Gets enhanced complexion of the face.
  • Enhance the texture of the face.
  • Nourishes the skin.
  • Supplies required nutrient to the skin.


Ingredients of Iba Face Glow Tube:

This is the herbal formula which is free from all the chemicals and is made up of the fruits extracts as well as the extract of the herbs which are rich in the medicinal property and nutritive value in it.

Direction to Using Iba Face Glow Tube:

Iba Face Glow Tube has to be used twice a day in the required amount so that the skin absorbs of the skin. With the regular use of the cream, the results are visible which can ensure you the enhancement of the skin.

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