Honey The Natural Treament

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We all know the nature produces alot of herbal healing remedies which is a god gift to us human being, Honey is one of the gift given by god, and the benefits of honey is mentioned in alot of places for example people have wrote books and books on the beneftis of honey, how beautiful it is for nature,


Talking about the benefits of honey

  • An exellent remedy of antioxidants. Organic Pure Raw honey contains an array of plant alements that act as antioxidants.
  • It works as removal of bacteria and fungal properties.
  • It is effective in healing wounds
  • It works as anti allergies
  • It improves digestive system naturally.
  • Works in flu and cold as remedy.
  • It helps in sore throat.
  • It gives us strenght over all in body,

these are just very few benefits we wrote from 100’s of more from this god gifted remedy,

What are the dosage to take for Honey

It varies from time to time and depending on indivudual seeking of benefit, 1 tea spoon a day before bed time or first thing in morning is ideal consume,


Which Honey is Best for me?

the answer to this is we would say local honey is always best as your body’s immune system as it is set to the atmosphere and you are use to being in the tempreture where the pollen is derived by the bees and when healthy pollen goes in your body it automatically set your histamine to the nessasery requirement,

How to recognise honey being pure or not?

Many people comment on this issue differently on weather i am using accurate honey or not and simply without going into too much complication we suggest to look at the top of honey bottle or jar to see if its got sugar on top of it or white foam on it,some time people mistake by crystalised honey being impure which is not true, it is very common for honey to crytalised and that can be solved by keep the jar in hot tempreture,


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