Health Cure Syrup by Herbal Cure Remedies


Health Cure Tonic is specially formulated to help replenish the loss of vital vitamins and minerals it improves General weakness, debility, nervousness, and muscular strength for males, females, children, and the elderly.

Benefits of Using Health Cure Syrup

  • Improves appetite, digestion & blood regulation.
  • Restores health, and builds a strong body.
  • Pregnancy, lactation, and children’s growth.
  • It provides Vitamins, Minerals, Proteins, and Calcium.
  • The syrup provides nutritional support drawn from natural sources.
  • This is a general tonic for all chronic wasting, diseases, and Anaemia.
  • Regular use of Health Cure keeps you fit and active.

Dosage: 10-20 ml on an empty stomach with water or milk, morning and evening.

Size: 200 ml | 500 ml

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200ml, 500ml


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