Hamdard Pachsol Tablets (Hajmola)


Description of Hamdard Pachsol Tablets (Hajmola):

A heavy meal can be quite a challenge, what is more challenging, is to bear the discomfort caused after having a heavy meal. Hamdard Pachsol Tablets (Hajmola) may often lead to indigestion, a tendency to vomit, gastritis, vomiting and a lack of appetite in the following day. However, with the help of these chewable tablets, you can champion all these symptoms. The tablets brought by the company Hamdard is a saving grace for all those who like to eat and relish a good meal.

These tablets are easy to consume and come in a bottle that comprises a number of pills. You can have this on the go without any hassle at all.

Benefits of Hamdard Pachsol Tablets (Hajmola):

  • These tablets are easy to consume and can help you fight indigestion.
  • It relieves you from chest burns that may originate from hyperacidity.
  • A heavy meal can make you nauseous; this tablet helps against nausea.
  • The tablet is good to keep one from vomiting.
  • It helps to solve the problem of lacking appetite.


Ingredients of Hamdard Pachsol Tablets (Hajmola):

The tablets consist of a number of healthy natural ingredients like salt, suhaga, jeera, gandhak among others.

Directions Of Using Hamdard Pachsol Tablets (Hajmola):

Have one or two tablets after a heavy meal.

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