Hamdard Dynamol


Description of Dynamol:

Dynamol cream which is applied to the male private organ so that tissues in the reproductive can be strengthened. Dynamol cream helps man to increase his sexual ability and physical strength so that he can perform well during the sessions of the intercourse.

Benefits of Dynamol:

  • Helps in lessening the pain in the male private part while having intercourse.
  • Helps in enhancing the sexual strength of man.
  • Helps in the full-stiff erection of the male private part.
  • Helps to control the premature ejaculation.


Ingredients of Dynamol:

This magical herbal formula has been prepared from various components in the required proportion. The ingredients in Dynamol are Birbahoti, Jaiphal, Malkangni, NagekesarMushkdana, MaghzJamalgota, Ispand, Tukhm-e-piyaz, RoghanKaner, Khusia-e-Buz, RoghanBaiza-e-Murgh, Ambar.

Direction of Using Dynamol:

Dynamol cream is recommended to be used over the private male part. About 700 to 750 grams of the cream has to be taken, and then it has to be given gentle massage until it gets absorbed in the organ through the skin. Dynamol is recommended that one must apply once every day to get the best results.

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