Dehlvi’s Obelin Capsules


Description of Dehlvi’s Obelin Capsules:

Obesity is a big problem that is faced by numerous men and women from all around the world. The Dehlvis Obelin capsules are a slimming capsule that helps to reduce the fat and obesity without any kind of harmful side effects in the body. These Dehlvi’s Obelin Capsules tend to normalise the appetite of a healthy person so that they do not feel the need to eat constantly as a result of which they slim down pretty soon.

Benefits of Dehlvi’s Obelin Capsules:

  • Helps to reduce obesity in fat people without putting the health at any kind of risk.
  • Helps to normalize the appetite.
  • Helps to reduce the body weight and makes one slimmer than before.


Ingredients of Dehlvi’s Obelin Capsules:

The Dehlvis Obelin capsules contain things like Dolichos biflorus, Armenian bole, saunf, ajwain, kala jira, lakh and a lot of other naturally derived ingredients which are good for health.

Direction Of Using Dehlvi’s Obelin Capsules:

2 capsules twice daily are the recommended dosage for this medicine and to be taken 30 minutes before one consumes the meals for the best results.

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