Dawa Ul Misk Motadil Jawahar Wali


Description: Dawa-Ul-Misk Motadil Jawahar Wali by Cure Herbal Remedies is a herbal medicine that can help enhance cardiovascular health. The formula assists in strengthening the walls of your heart. It can be beneficial in improving the function of your heart, circulation and other vital organs.

Benefits of Using: 

  • Helps against debility/weakness, depression, anxiety, palpitation, and convalescence.
  • It assists in improving the performance of your heart, brain, and digestive system.
  • It can be beneficial in regulating blood pressure levels.
  • The formula assists in improving the performance of all vital organs.
  • The supplement aids in enhancing cardiovascular health by managing cholesterol.


Zarishk 0.102 g, Tabashir 0.068 g, Sandal Surkh 0.068 g, Sandal Safaid 0.068 g…(Complete list can be found on the item or provided on request).

Dosage: 5–7g, to be taken morning and evening with 250 ml of milk.

Size: 125 grams

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