Cardio Cure Sugar Free 500ml by Cure


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Description: This is a herbal formula which helps in the ridding of heart diseases. It also helps to enhance the process of blood circulation in the body. Due to stress, these days people tend to acquire many ailments related to the functioning of the heart. This tonic helps to prevent as well as cure the heart-related complications like those of the proper blood circulation, heart attacks, uneasy breath, etc.


  • Helps to relieve problems like palpitations, uneasy breath, malfunctioning of heart, etc.
  • Helps to maintain the normal blood pressure.
  • Helps to strengthen the heart to overcome all the odds.
  • Helps to overcome the pain in the heart.
  • Helps to prevent the heart attack.
  • Helps to oxygenate the blood properly and distribute the oxygenated blood to all the parts of the body by enhancing the proper circulation of blood.

Direction of Use: This has to be taken twice a day once in the evening and once in the morning before the meals about 10-20 ml as per the requirement to get the best results.





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