Bacopa Capsules


Description of Bacopa Capsules:

Bacopa Capsules is the Ayurvedic formula which is majorly prepared using as an aquatic herb known as Brahmi (Bacopa Monnieri) which has been the traditional solution to various health ailments like declination of memory, pain and ache in the body, fevers, inflammation etc.

Benefits of Bacopa Capsules:

  • Helps to treat various health ailments like those of a backache, pain, fever, inflammation etc.
  • Improves memory power.
  • Cures sexual problem


Ingredients of Bacopa Capsules:

The extracts of the aquatic herb Bacopa Moneri (Brahmi) is majorly used as the constituent of the medicine. In addition to that, there are steroidal saponins called bacosides in the medicine.

Direction to Using Bacopa Capsules:

The appropriate dosage for the medicine depends on various things like the age of the user, health conditions and several other things. It cannot be guaranteed that the natural products would be safe all the time. So taking the medicines in proper dosages is important. Thus, before taking this medicine you must always take the consultation of your physician so that you are in the safe side.

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