Arjuna Capsules


Description of Arjuna Capsules:

Arjuna Capsules are very effective in curing asthma and other bile duct disorders. Arjuna Capsules can also cure different types of poisonings. They are made from the Arjuna bark extract which can control cholesterol. It helps to give support for the normal functioning of the heart muscles. The Arjuna is also called the heart tonic according to Ayurveda. These tablets are extremely cheap and are easily available in the market. Thousands of people use this and are extremely satisfied with these tablets.

Benefits of Arjuna Capsules:

  • It can be used as a heart tonic which helps to maintain the strength of your heart.
  • Has antioxidants and can lower your cholesterol levels in order to support the proper functioning of your heart.
  • Helps to regulate blood pressure.
  • Promotes normal hemo-cysteine levels in your body.
  • Improves capillary circulation and makes sure that your heart is functioning normally.


Ingredients of Arjuna Capsules:

It contains 250 milligrams of Arjuna powder and Arjuna extract.

Directions of Using Arjuna Capsules:

  • One or two capsules per day as said by your doctor.
  • If you want even better results, you should have it with Luke warm water.

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